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Information on the crossover.
FungusMule at 5:04AM, May 24, 2007
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That's right (not that you'd probably care) - The Tunnel is getting a series of comic books, which will eventually end up on this site.

The plotlines for the books are not set in stone yet, although the basic ideas are already in place. The whole purpose of the strip is to throw the modern-semi-geekazoid characters from The Tunnel into the archaic, gothic low-fantasy setting of Games Workshop's Warhammer universe, and see how it goes. No, there won't be any “time warp” or anything (bringing to mind the possible new CSM psychic power, Warp Time), they will just start of in that setting, as if they were there all along… except for the fact that their personalities are much more suited to the real world. Each will have a certain role, e.g. Nick will be a budding Chaos champion, Dave a necromancer… anyways, it's in the works, and I thought I'd just tell you all.

- Nick

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