"Toil and Trouble" For Beginners

Add yourself to my WMP's, so sayeth Abby. (Official, "hi" thread for us mortals.)
maritalbliss at 4:12PM, May 29, 2007
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WMP's? Webcomic Minion Platoons. With my army of WMP's I will rule the internet, neigh the world with the aid of my trusty Spider-Kick, Sam…

“Hey, don't get me into this.”

“Come on, Sam. Be supportive.”

“I am supportive, I just think you've blown this whole webcomic thing out of proportion.”


"Oh, yeah…Sam, well I think you are an Eight Legged Freak and you better hope Monica's husband is busy this weekend.“

”Hope your nicer to your WMP's“

”They love it when I'm bossy.“

”Excuse me guys." Hi Lynn here. This is the place to introduce yourself and let me (and Abby) know where you are from. If we already know 'ya, just say hi.
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