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"A message from Abby."
maritalbliss at 3:59PM, May 29, 2007
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Well, welcome to my forum, you weakminded fool, I mean…faithful reader.

Since, this is my forum, these are my rules. If you want to participate in the community for my webcomic, you will follow these guidelines. There are a lot of kids that play on Drunk Duck and the internet, and I don't want to be responsible for ANYTHING rude or negative happening to these kids. So.

~~Basic Thread Guidelines~~

Be respectful, watch your language. Say “Biscuit Eater” and things like that…Let's keep it clean.

Please don't insult anyone else in the threads, that is for me to do, and me alone.

Don't be creepy or stalkery.

Please don't double post on purpose. It will cause me to cast the most black of spells upon you.

NO spamming (try to stay on topic, reply to something relevant to the topic or someone's post, unless you're in one of the “Random” areas where such things are appropriate.)

That being said, hope you enjoy the forum and please continue to support my cause.
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