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Here's a bit about, Toil and Trouble and its creator.

Toil and Trouble is by writer Lynn Allen. Hi, I'm Lynn. I am the chick that weekly, will bring you the adventures of Abigale the little witch who lives in the graveyard with her pet spider, Sam and her whacky singin' Broom. Abby spends a crazy amount of time on the internet and one of things she does there is write a webcomic. Battling her arch nemesis, Perry Farder; Abby is obsessed with webcomicking and destroying all those that cross her path to webcomic glory.

I am writing the comic strip as a hobby, for fun. My husband Ethan and I also write a single panel comic stip called, Marital Bliss??? also a weekly webcomic, which is what it will remain, while we attempt to get the quirky comic strip into syndication; or until we get enough of the adventures of Princess and Max to complile them into a collection. Then we will tour the convention circuit.

At first, “Toil and Trouble” was going to cater to kids, then I decided screw that, kids have enough goin' for them.

Ethan and I are working on several projects in a variety of mediums and genres. We started with the simple single panel, Marital Bliss???; followed up by my three panel, Toil and Trouble. Next in the works is a sci-fi comic book and a porny comic book about robots. I am also an actress/comedian and blog almost daily. Please be advised, my blog is NOTHING like, Marital Bliss??? or Toil and Trouble. Adults only and liberal one's at that. Ethan is a cowboy, artist, actor, and lover. He is totally available for commissions and children's book illustrations are a speciality. Visit, Ethan Allen Studios; the home base for all our endeavours.
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