Going on hiatus for a while.
leetbunny at 10:10PM, Aug. 13, 2007
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Yeah sorry…

I'm not quite sure how long of one I'm going to be taking (Heck, I may just come back next week),
but rest assured I am not canceling Kilobyte.
Why? You may wonder. Well, I feel I need to think a little more about the direction I want to go with Kilobyte.
That, and also I have a really big story plot I would like to finish a little of before I release it, that way if I decide I don't like it, I can just move on and not feel pressure to complete it.

Now that that's all said and done,
I'll be seeing you all again sometime soon.

Edit: I probably should have clarified that I also just want to take a break from Kilobyte for a while.
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