How to contribute (read this first!)
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Heyyyy everyone! All will be explained here!

So, this is a community project called ‘The Complete Instruction Manual to Useless Things’.

Basically, I will make a topic (starting with ‘annoying’) and you will come up with a page in the instruction manual, explaining how to be annoying. I drew the first page as an example.

There will be 20 pages for each of the topics. If you guys go over 20, I'll let you start off the next topic.

Basically, you will all sign up in the other thread (which says ‘sign up here’). Just say ‘I wanna contribute’ or something to that nature. Here's the rules for it:

1. Don't put any nudity. I'll sensor it out if you do.
2. You may cuss, but to an extent. You may use damn, hell, bitch, bastard, ass, and all the others. Just don't say s and f.
3. Please try to make it as neat as possible. Computer stuff is awesome, but if you only have a pencil and paper, then it's acceptable. Just make sure you're neat about it.
4. STAY ON TOPIC. If you don't stay on topic, I will NOT post it. I will just tell you to do it over again.
5. You may only join once per topic. But if you're keeping someone from wanting to go, they will go before you.
6. Don't say offensive things. If you wanna offend someone, make a comic about that on your own time.
7. If you don't give me your submission in 3 days, you'll go to the end of the list.

That's about it. To learn how to contribute (and how to draw your submission) go to ‘sign up here’.

This year, school's full of BS!!!
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Black Dove at 11:34PM, June 11, 2007
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I'd like to join! but Im not so sure about what the topic is? can u explain?
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Okay :) Basically, you must draw something (that hasn't been already drawn) that instructs you on how to be annoying. Please read some examples.

This year, school's full of BS!!!
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