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maritalbliss at 2:20PM, Nov. 17, 2008
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Hi. I'm Lynn. My husband (Mike) and I are comic lovers and make our “hobby” home here at Drunk Duck…although I hear rumors and so…I'm also on MySpace like the majority of Americans that use the internet. I choose it over Facebook, ‘cause, well…it’s just easier and I like the look of it. But, of all the comic hosting sites available out there, we choose “The Duck.”

Last year we went to the CON that came through our neck of the woods and sat with fellow “Ducksters.” It was somewhat fun and one day, we'll make a proper go…for now, you get occassional forum activity and sporadically updated comic strips.

Anyway…we write several comics are always workin' on others and will one day do something about that…for now, it's a fun little sidequest of life.

So, I'm gonna start using the forums here…and see if I can keep it up. Mostly, I'm just gonna use it to keep track of posts I'm answering. Cheers!
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