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thebadgergrymm at 2:07AM, Sept. 7, 2007
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Since time is not on our side when it comes to cobbling together new pages, I've decided to take a roundabout way of producing a kind of “About the Walrus” page in the form of an FAQ. So we here go folks.

Q: What the hell is a Voodoo Walrus? Why name a comic Voodoo Walrus anyway?

A: This —–> is a Voodoo Walrus. Originally it was juts a silly little drawing I thought up, but upon finishing the color work CreepKnight and I had the same idea “That's what we'll call ourselves. Voodoo Walrus Productions”. Then when we got around to making a webcomic, Voodoo Walrus seemed like the perfect name to use.

Q: So what's it about?

A: ….. Okay let's try to make this as simple as possible.

Voodoo Walrus is a webcomic centering primarily around friends Grymm Grymmoski and Villemous Quetzalcoatl CreepKnight as they try to produce their own comic book series while dealing with the impossible horror that is the world of Voodoo Walrus. Along for the ride is their friend and roommate Bowler who more often than not is caught is the maelstrom of chaos that's usually present during the duo's waking hours.

That doesn't really do the comic justice though since right under the surface you have a myriad of things like offensive, sexy/crazy/violent/dominant women, cinderblock on a chain wielding bodyguards, comic cons full of half-rabid meat-thirsty fans, comic publishers that live in underwater volcano bases powered by infants, destruction, what may or may not be buff, hunky man-servants that tend to break into song and dance while moving furniture, ocular blood geysers, caffeine induced madness, misuse of sea life, blood-hungry badgers, Liechtensteinian aristocrats, being unnaturally touched by sock puppets, random instances of noir-esque narration, fire, destruction, unidentifiable things, and lots of massively huge, monstrous, vaguely human “people”.

Q: …… Okay…..

A: *Glares* That wasn't a question! We're on to you!!!!

Q: So… You guys are known as Grymm and CreepKnight and you made the main characters… yourselves?

A: Mmm-hmm… Your point?

Q: Well isn't that… Like egotistical?

A: Yer walkin' on thin ice here Freddy-Sue

Q: My name isn't-


Q: So are you guy anything like how you present yourselves in the comic?

A: Trust us when we say this, there is no creative medium in the world that could possibly convey our true awesomeness. People have died trying. You remember what happened to New Nevada the 61st and a half state right?

Q: …..

A: Of course you don't. You've never heard of it. It never existed. So how do we know about it? Cause it did exist. Until someone tried to convey our awesomeness in a jigsaw puzzle. The end result? New Nevada was not only torn asunder, but all evidence and memory of its existence was lost. So to answer your question more properly, the Grymm and CreepKnight in the comic are but mere facets of our true personalities utilized in a way to bring about maximum entertainment with minimum damage to the infinite dimensions of space, time, and the gooey in between parts.

(End Part 1 of FAQ)
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thebadgergrymm at 2:26AM, Sept. 7, 2007
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(FAQ PART 2!!!)

Q: Grymm, why is that you seem to be putting more and more horrible things into the art? I mean it seems like every episode has some new horror. Huge lumpy ugly people, top hats wearing top hats, ocular blood spray, gelatinous ooze things full of eyes and coarse hairs, bizarre merchants with bare hairy chests, huge singing dancing men that may be the bastard children of Johnny Bravo and a refrigerator, Mungo, NUXXOR!… Honestly, I've having problems sleeping at night.

A: Why? Because I can. Also, its fun to draw horrible things knowing that at least one person out there seeing it won't sleep soundly that night.

Q: Grymm, you're a bastard.

A: Yes, yes I am. Now love me for it.

Q: Where do you guys draw your influences from?

A: Lots and lots of places little Jimmy-Deborah… Lots of places…

Q: My name isn't-

A: *SMACK!* Your name is whatever I say it is! Now your name's “Bitch”! GOT IT? BITCH?!

Q: ……

A: Now, as I was saying… Influences. As far as writing goes, its hard to peg down any specific influence for CK. I mean, where do we begin? Some of the great comic writers like Neil Gaiman, and Alan Moore are up there. Warren Ellis, and Garth Ennis too. Little bit of Grant Morrison. Some Lovecraft. A sprinkling of Arthur Conan Doyle and probably a whole slew of authors that's I can't even think of at the moment. Seriously, to say the man is well read is an understatement.

As far as the art goes, again, a myriad of influences there. Think about it this way: Take a solid foundation of animation from the late 80's and 90's. On top of that layer aspects of later 90's Marvel artists. Toss on a decent layer of John K. Now, take a caulking gun and roll of duct tape fashioned out of aspects of Roman Dirge's and Jhonen Vasquez' styles and fill in all the gaps, holes, loose edges and whatnot with those. Now decorate the entire thing with baubles picked up here and there and you have a vaguely decent description of my influences I suppose.

Q: You guys are wordy.

A: THAT WASN'T A QUESTION! Don't make me cock my smacking hand again!

Q: You… you can't…. Hands don't cock!

A: Maybe someday when you're older little Dmitri.

Q: What?

A: Huh?

Q: Uhhh…


Q: ….

A: WHEAT!!!!!!!!!!

Q: I'm gonna go now…

A: I'll now your go!

We hope this adventure has answered some of your questions. If not. Feel free to contact us at
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thebadgergrymm at 11:11PM, Sept. 30, 2007
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VW FAQ Part 3

Q: Uhm…. Hello?

A: The Darkness shall engulf you!

Q: What?

A: Nothing! Come on in! Ask your questions of Grymm!

Q: Ooookay… Uhm. You guys are awesome. Can I link to you/tell all my friends about you/initiate a dread campaign of free advertising for the comic for which sweep the nation, nay, the world and result in your supreme domination of everything?

A: Hmmm… HMMMMMM! Yes. Yes you may. But be subtle about it. We don't want another incident like we had in Nebraska. *Shudder*

Q: Don't you think some of things you have Shmeerm say are way too gross/offensive/etc for anyone to say ever?

A: You don't get it. We don't “have” Shmeerm say anything. We don't write him. These are things the bastard has said in real life. To actual people. Oh yes. Shmeerm is very much a real person.

Q: Is (Insert name of main Voodoo Walrus cast member here) ever going to have sex with (Insert name of main Voodoo Walrus cast member here)?

A: … No.

Q: Has (Insert name of main Voodoo Walrus cast member here) ever had sex with (Insert name of main Voodoo Walrus cast member here)?

A: Possibly. After all, something had to have resulted in the complete metaphysical implosion of the states of East and West Dakota leaving absolutely no trace of them.

Q: I want you guys to write/draw something espeically for me. Can you do that?

A: But of course! For a price. No, seriously. There's a price. If you're really interested and you're just not one of those dead beat ‘net hobos constantly looking for handouts in the form of art, then contact us via and tell us what you have in mind and we’ll get ya a price quote. If you are one of the aforementioned hobos. Well, tell ya what. We've got a special offer for you. Today only. You put this paper bag over your head, and we abuse you with cattle prods. Sound good?

Q: So… are all the cast members based on real people?

A: No. A good chunk of them are, sure. But others are characters that we've created in the past but had no use for them in other projects. Others are conglomerations of multiple real life friends of ours.

Q: I want to buy Voodoo Walrus themed items! You guys should make stuff available!

A: Already ahead of ya. The Voodoo Walrus shop will be opening with a few items for sale later this month. Don't worry, we'lll makew sure everyone knows about it once its ready to go.
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