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thebadgergrymm at 3:00AM, July 15, 2007
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'Allo Walrus Embracers.

Just stopping by to mention that I've just about got a handle on at least a few basic HTML concepts and I'm doing me best to get the site fleshed out as CreepKnight and I envisioned it. Coming soon will be the brand new cast page with some nice background info regarding our mains and eventually info for some of the new characters that will be popping up shortly down the road.

After that's done (not much left to do on it now), I'll be getting the “About” and “Contact” section up and running which will provide a little bit more information regarding the real life Grymm and CreepKnight.

The Gallery will play host to a lot of the Voodoo Walrus conceptual stuff that isn't worthy of taking up comic update room. Character designs, maybe the original pages of the very first and very disappointing (to us anyway) Voodoo Walrus webcomic run.

Extras… I'm still not quite sure what we'll be tossing in there but we wanted to make sure we had our bases covered. Desktop wallpapers and icons for the masses to use and enjoy will probably pop up there.

We've got a lot more site and a lot more comic to come! So hang with us and embrace that ol' walrus voodoo!

—– Grymm
Art-Badger and Lord of Balderdash
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thebadgergrymm at 3:41PM, Oct. 24, 2007
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Salutations Walrus Embracers!

Been a while since I posted news. Sorry for that. Life has been busy as of late.

Anyway, there's a few things to be reported.

First off, we're slowly making progress in getting the site into some kind of rough shape of how we'd like it to be. For example we now have working link buttons to easily navigate you good people over to the brand spankin' new Voodoo Walrus shop.

Also you may notice that the “Gallery” button now leads somewhere as well. I'm still the the progress of getting everything uploaded but soon enough the Gallery link will lead to a Deviant Art account filled with the Voodoo Walrus strips and a lot of the oddball stuff like sketches, and pin-ups, and concept art. There may also be stuff in there from the real life CreepKnight and Bowler be it bits of writing, photography, or bizarre symbols acting as hyper-sigils to coerce you into worshiping us.

Also, bear with us for a while as we can't promise whether updates are going to be on Tuesdays and Fridays or Wednesdays and Fridays for a while. Thar be changes afoot and we need to get a good solid footing again. However, we shall do out best to make damn sure that a week doesn't go by that you good people don't get some web comicy Walrusy awesomeocity.

And with that, I'm out. I have Friday's episode and commissions to work on.

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