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thebadgergrymm at 3:06AM, July 12, 2007
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In an effort to further put these forums to use so that there will be content here for when we eventually have people… well… you know… reading them… I'm going to toss out my list of webcomics that I believe qualify as suggested reading.

Gunnerkrigg Court:

Penny Arcade:

Platinum Grit:

8-Bit Theater:

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja:


Scary Go Round:

Sam and Fuzzy:

Questionable Content:

Friendly Hostility:


Butternut Squash:


Zebra Girl:

Joe and Monkey:

The Nineteenth Century Industrialist:

Three panel Soul:

Niego: (Indefinite Hiatus but still worth it to read the archives)



Dresden Codak:

Raymondo Person:

Wow… that's a lot… Hopefully at some I'll have the page layout how I want it and have a proper page display all of these for easy reference.
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