Smash Bros. Brawl and Others
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First off, I really don't think any spoilers are here. Second, this game has some of the best music ever. First, a few of the most awesome selections. I'll definately be playing some of these baground songs a lot. - Mario Bros Medley - Mario Sunshine : Delfino Plaza - Mario Sunshine : Rico Harbour - Yoshi's Story : Ending - Metroid Fusion : Sector 1 - Super Metroid : Credits - Metroid Prime : Title Theme (Epic on an unheard of scale, but wtf @ random voice at the start…) - Metroid Prime 2 : Hunters (multiplayer battle theme, <3) - Meta Knight's Revenge

-It should be noted that this next song has epic on a scale so large that the Prime title song is a mere peasant boy in comparison to this Chuck Norris- - Kirby Superstar : Gourmet Race. Oh my God, yes.

And after you've recovered from that, some general coolness. - Still Alive remix. - the home of Funtastic Power. It's the same guy who did the THIS IS SPARTA Techno Remix, as well as the background music for the trap. IMO he's brilliant. Two songs I really like of his are : - “Feel Good Inc” remix. - Kirby's Dream Land : green Greens remix.

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