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Cast section coming soon
DragonessAthena at 9:22PM, Nov. 11, 2007
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If you check below this post on the main page, you can see I've added some extra stuff to the site. They're pretty basic right now, since I want to get the extra stuff out there for people to enjoy, but the extra parts of the site will eventually get prettied up with custom title images. So far I only have a preview image of Princess Artemis on the Cast page (I didn't like the Minerva picture I had done, need to draw another).

In other news, Heart of a Dragon recently passed 100 pages! Plenty more where those came from. But that's not all! December 24th is Minerva's birthday (lucky girl gets twice the presents). Well, it's the day I drew my first picture of her. I'll talk about this more as we get closer to the date. I hope to do something special for one of my favorite kids.
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