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A comedy of errors
Ten chan at 11:15PM, Nov. 15, 2007
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Just sharing, in case anybody wonders what the heck is up with me lately.

Tonight, a drunk driver smacked her car into mine. She decided that since she couldn't see anybody turning on the turn arrow, that she would just barrel through the intersection. Fortunately, me and Magician are fine.

She's in jail. Her insurance has lapsed.

My car is sitting, undriveable, in a tow lot. I've had it one year and ten days. I loved that car. And I've got four years of loan payments left.

Apparently, USAA decided to cancel my automobile insurance policy back in March with NO NOTICE and NO REASON. I was unable to provide proof of insurance and have been issued a court date.

I have no way to get to work tomorrow morning. I also have no Paid Time Off left after the trip to Japan and the flu that I'm still fighting. I ALSO, when the Voot's harddrive died, lost the ability to telecommute.

I have to be out of my apartment by November 30th, and because of the flu and massive overtime at work, I haven't done much by way of packing. And now I can't even transport what I DO have packed.

Somebody, please. Shoot me.
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Ten chan at 3:19PM, Nov. 19, 2007
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Things are looking a little better today than they were Thursday night.

M talked to USAA again. They found proof positive that they screwed up (this is a looooong story). If anybody asks, I've had insurance this entire time. For the sake of my court date, I have an insurance card effective starting November 5th.
I spent the weekend trapped at the apartment, so most of it is packed. I have the kitchen to go, and then cleaning. hehehe, I can't wait to get over this flu, though. I passed out on the dining room floor yesterday (with my arm in a box) because I just feel so worn out all the time. Kind of funny.

Tonight me and M are going to go look at rental cars. He had the brainwave of getting me some sort of SUV so we can move me easier. USAA agreed that we should go get one. If drunk-lady has insurance, she'll pay for it. If drunk-lady doesn't have insurance, USAA will pay for it and then go after her with the bill.

Funny thing about Progressive, though. They have thirty days from the time of the accident to release the information that yes, she has insurance, or no, she doesn't. That's about as nonsensical as USAA and their whole deal with me (living in different homes = divorced, wtf??). I guess the guy at Progressive has been foaming at the mouth because we won't release my phone numbers to him and I won't give another statement. Heck, I'm not HIS customer. He wants the info, then he needs to talk to State Patrol and leave me out of it. I'm not the one who insured a drunk, duh.

I'm proud of myself. Even with all this, I'm not thinking much of drunk-lady one way or the other. M wants to egg her windows. I want her to get through this in at least halfway as good of shape as I am.

As far as USAA is concerned, Yuffie is salvageable. They gave the body shop permission to take her apart and make a deeper assessment. As far as Progressive is concerned, they're taking their time to look at her because they're sure she's totaled (at $7700, over two thousand less than I paid for her and less than I still owe on her, the bloodsuckers).

I really hope I get the ninja car back. I loved her. She was awesome. For a Kia sedan.

So, there you have it. I had a really interesting day on Friday. I got all of two hours of sleep Thursday night (adrenaline kept me up until two-thirty, then a horrible coughing fit woke me up at four-thirty). Worked all day. Packed in the afternoon. Then went to a show that kept me out until two-thirty again. LOL. I was so jacked up - sick and tired and wired on black coffee - I was shaking like a leaf. It's no wonder I fell asleep on the floor, really.

So, that's my news.

Let's hope the bad luck is over, ne?
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