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Ten chan at 6:13PM, Oct. 11, 2007
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Well, not yet, but I figure I may as well type this up while I'm thinking about it.

I have sort of an odd . . . relationship with page002. While I was working on it, I was still having some issues with my secondary harddrive (this is a HUGE soppy saga, believe me, and I won't go into it now). Let's just say that as I tested the page at 72 dpi instead of 300, I decided it was good enough to let sit and move on. I have since spotted numerous mistakes and “ick”s that I would dearly love to fix. Mostly, the car. That was, no joke, the first time I have ever attempted to draw a machine/vehicle, and I don't like what I did. Other things involve some effects and lack of screentones.

So why don't I fix it? Well.

As I reversed the image size back to the huge, layered thing I work on, and then clicked Save, BLIP! the power to the second harddrive puked. The Photoshop file is now a single layer of grainy black. All I have left is the small, flattened .gif.

The page is staying as-is, forever, horrible mistakes and all. I would ask that on this page, no criticism, please. Not even constructive. Because I can't change it. v_v (unless, of course, it's GENERAL criticism that I can use on future pages - that, I won't mind)

This will be my last blog for a couple of weeks, unless I sneak in here to babble about something on Sunday. ^_^ Japan, here we come! We leave on Monday. *throws confetti*

I did let myself down badly this week. I've been tired (I actually passed out at my DESK at WORK yesterday, can you believe it?!) and unmotivated. Page004 is still in the works, which I should be working on right now. XD I'm feeling pretty good about it overall - new character design done and dusted! - just not hugely interested in working on it. I'm shameless.

Instead, I've been chasing a local band around. hehehe *insert non-comic story here* There's a Denver-based local band that I found; or, actually, they found me, through MySpace; that I really like. Their music is good, and their shows are fun. I'm in process right now of writing up a bio for them. Tuesday night I met them over at Ecks Saloon and did an “interview” of sorts. Yeah. So not professional, but hey, I'm NOT a professional. It was fun. I'm hoping it pans out and they publish my work. If they do, I can use the bio as a clip when shopping my short stories around. And, hey, every fangirl loves talking to a foursome of “reasonably good-looking guys.”

Except, of course, Miss Married Lady over here left the interview thinking they were good kids. LMAO. Not that there's a huge age difference, but they are younger than I. Good kids, sweet guys, fun-loving, intense, and I hope their band makes it into the big time.

I wish I could talk about page003 now, but I don't think that would jive too well with page002. I'll just say that I had loads of fun with it, and I giggle every time I look at it. I hope, when page003 goes live, you guys will giggle, too. ^_^

Oh, maybe I'll say a LITTLE. Mostly, straight lines be damned!! And, I have the utmost respect for all artists who can lovingly, accurately, and unobtrusively create and render backgrounds. I am not one of you. I bow to you.

Until the 26th, I bid you adieu.

Forever yours,
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