A proposition
Crystalman at 6:34PM, Dec. 22, 2007
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I'm Crystalman.EXE of BCF comics. ( )

I run a Mega man sprite comic that offers free hosting and advertising benefits. I've been contacted by Manablitz, who also has a comic hosted on BCF. I'd like to extend a offer for you to join the hosting there. You can keep your DD account too.

More details to come if you consider it.
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Altimas at 7:16PM, Dec. 22, 2007
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I told ManaBlitz that I'd get back to him in a few days

Life and Death are words but, do they really have any meaning…
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ManaBlitz at 7:20PM, Dec. 22, 2007
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Didn't know you had an account, Crystal. o.O
But, yeah, you think about it. No pressure. U^.^
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