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Ten chan at 5:53PM, Oct. 7, 2007
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Check it out! I'm so excited - DR has garnered its first fanart. ^_^ This thread is hereby dedicated to the beauty of wings!

I present to you “Longing,” donated by my wonderful friend Darwin. Struck by inspiration, as she said, she's done a lovely rendition of Kyu (a shirtless Kyu, no less - me-yow!). I positively ADORE this - I was totally floored when I first opened the file.

Girl, I can't thank you enough!

Everyone, please leave Dar some comments here for her scrumptious vision of my impish protagonist, okies? ^_^


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Darwin at 6:11PM, Oct. 7, 2007
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Awww!! ***BLUSHES***

Thankies chica! I'm still way tickled that you like it so much! So much better than the last couple Kyu art's I did for you (EWWWW LOL!))

anyway…I wanted to give you something in return for your awesome Emo-Cabe sketch a few weeks back.
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