New Year goals, and milestones.
Piscareous at 11:19PM, Feb. 4, 2008
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So last year December 30th was the last time I updated. While this isn't the longest I've gone without updating it sucks just the same. My motivation to sit down and draw was lost for a minute. Well not lost just buried under alot of other things. BUT Im not here to make excuses the updates were not produced and for the people who come by daily to check for a new page I apologize. Its a new year(the 2nd mont of the new year) and things are about to get alot better in my section of the world of drunkduck. Im not going to list off a bunch of things just know I do have goals.

On another couple of notes. I have just realized that this year come august 3rd Serenade Song will be…….2 years old!!!!! Thats crazy i've been doing this for almost two years doesn't feel like I've gotten alot done though(that MUST change) but It's still really cool.
And last but not least…….Serenade Song has gained 10,250 pageviews since it's start!!!!!!!! woooooooooooooooo0000!!!! lol thanks to all the people who come to read about my beautiful Kitsune and Rei, keep dropping by, view, comment, enjoy.
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