It\'s a Wizard Party!

hanasays at 4:42AM, Nov. 8, 2007
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Alright, I suppose it's only right for me to start a blog. After all, if you're going to do something - go the whole nine yards. Right? Right. I've decided that I really hate this interface, so this is the only post I'll be making here. I've got a much slicker blog setup on my personal website that's a lot easier to use, not to mention giving me a chance to touch on a much broader range of topics (read: ramble more). Anything that's specifically DrunkDuck related is probably gonna go here, but that'll be a rarity. I'm too long-winded for the confines of this tiny blog space. IT CANNOT CONTAIN ME.

On a side note, I have turned the Prologue cover into a wallpaper, which can be found here.

Speaking of which, if you're interested in seeing some of my more serious artwork, you can check my gallery out here. If you're just interested in cute little wallpapers and icons and stuff I've made, and I make a lot of them, head over here.

I've been gone from DD for… a while. Last time the comic listings got nuked - and this was pre-revamp days, back in The Day, I mean, when Jester and Vindibudd and BK and Titch and Randal and those guys hung around in the IRC chatroom and gave Neohunter a hard time, back when the IRC chatroom was at some weird address that I don't quite remember but always sounded vaguely pornographic… anyway, where was I… oh, yeah. I got frustrated by the fact that I had to keep putting my archives back up online. There were over 100 pages of it, and I didn't even really draw the comic any more.

If you're curious, if anyone remembers or even really cared, I used to draw “P.O. Bocks”. If you're even more curious about how much I used to suck, the old archives are still up despite the fact that I let the domain name lapse. If for whatever reason you feel the compulsion to read it, you find it hard to read in that format, drop me a line and I'll send you a zip file.

The cast is back in “Wizard Party”, where I intend to finish the job I started. Shoot and bury this comic once and for all.

I've gotten to where I realize that my original story was hopeless, but it never seemed right to leave it hanging. You'll find a new prologue, and the old art - when I get to it - has been, eh, “digitally remastered”, so to speak.

The story, however, is no more coherent than it ever was. I have certain traditions to uphold, after all.

So come for the comic, stay for the Wizard Party. Let's have some fun!
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College Zoo at 3:46PM, Nov. 15, 2007
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Looks Good Hana! I look forward to more pages!
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