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Harsho Chattoraj leaving Shades
DAJB at 10:41PM, June 10, 2008
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Okay, guys - I've been keeping some rather unfortunate news from you, for some time now.

Since you're reading this post, I assume you're already following Shades, in which case you're already well aware of the excellent job Harsho has been doing on the artwork and how much his individual style has brought to the look and the feel of the comic. Sadly, at the end of October last year, Harsho told me that - due to personal circumstances and other commitments - he would no longer be able to work on this project.

Being the professional that he is, Harsho continued to work until Chapter 8 was completed. This is half-way through Volume 2 of the online version but - when we eventually get Shades, into print - this will be the end of Volume 1; a logical place for him to pass the baton to a new artist.

Even though I've known Harsho would be leaving the project for more than six months now, I'm still finding it difficult to imagine Shades, without him. I've lost count of the number of times I've thrown new challenges at him, only to find that the final artwork has not only met but has completely exceeded my expectations. I know you guys have been enjoying it too!

I'll be posting an announcement about the future of Shades, very shortly but, for now, it's Harsho's time to take a bow and receive the applause he so richly deserves. I know you'll join me in wishing Harsho every success in whatever he may undertake next. If you wish to express your appreciation for the work he's done on Shades, and the enjoyment he's given to us all, please do leave your thoughts here in this thread. Alternatively, just send me a PQ or an email ( and I'll be sure to pass on your good wishes.
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JustNoPoint at 3:11AM, June 11, 2008
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Agh! I am going to miss him, and I never even spoke to him. I hope that whatever he does he enjoys. I wouldn't be surprised to see his art again, in a more mainstream field!

I hope things work out for the both of you! Best of luck Harsho, your art was/is inspirational a teaches many other artists. Including myself!

Thanks for the time you have spent on this project. It was well worth it and well received!
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scifiwim at 9:16AM, June 11, 2008
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Aaah, life is a dance of constant change, isn't it?

Harsho, thanks for all the wonderful pages of Shades you made. I greatly enjoyed them.
Good Luck to you in whatever you're going to do next. I hope many fine opportunities present themselves.

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alejkhan at 12:16PM, June 11, 2008
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It was a good run! I know we all enjoyed and appreciated Harsho's excellent work. His art definitely gave a special quality to the comic, and I'm glad he was able to complete a full volume. Good luck to him in whatever he does next.
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spacehamster at 3:13PM, June 11, 2008
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Well, that sucks. This has been a very strong and consistent run, and Shades will feel… very different without him.
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dragonrider at 4:45PM, June 11, 2008
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One of the pleasures that comes from reading Shades has always been the art. Quite honestly if it were not for the art work my attention would have waned after the “airborn cab” scene. You will be missed, as spacehampster so well said it
Well, that sucks. This has been a very strong and consistent run, and Shades will feel… very different without him.
So say we all.
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freefall_drift at 11:43AM, Aug. 7, 2008
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Harsho, I've very much enjoyed your work. DAJB provided the storytelling, but your great visuals have defined the series. Your sense of place, your ability to render different times and places, your actions and expressions, your range is amazing. I wish you well in your new projects and you make it hard for the next artist to live up to your standards.
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Rudolf at 12:51PM, Aug. 7, 2008
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Good luck to Harsho. Sad to see him go but just wanted to say I really enjoyed his artwork and hope I get a chance to see more of it someday. You guys were a great team!
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skyangel at 4:15AM, Aug. 9, 2008
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This is the first time I have been on the DD forum, and though usually I don't have much time for this sort of thing; today I felt it was time to at last pay my respects to you.what a sad day though to have to say goodbye to such a talented artist. Since I first started to follow ‘Shades’ I have been costantly impressed with your ability to draw everything he has thrown at you with such professional artistry. To draw and colour the pages singlehandly as well, within such a short deadline is quite a feat, and your ability to capture the mood and atmosphere is very memorable. I know Dave is going to have his work cut out finding a replacement artist of your calibre, I only hope such another talented person is available! Good luck in your future ventures and as a fellow artist, I must say my admiration for your work goes with you :)

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jgib99 at 9:35AM, Aug. 10, 2008
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Good luck to you Harsho. You've done a brilliant job in your time working on Shades. I hope to see your artwork again very soon, whether it be in webcomic or published form.
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DAJB at 12:51AM, Aug. 27, 2008
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Hi guys - Harsho has now read all your wonderful comments and this is for you:
Thanks so much for your kind thoughts. 'Shades' has been one of my best efforts in the comics field, thanks mostly to David's constant help and amazing script. I am looking forward to seeing the next chapters of 'Shades' evolve.

In September, two of my other comic projects are being launched in the US - one is the 3rd issue of a comic called ‘The Eyes of Mara’ and the other is a graphic novel called ‘Charlz of Marz’. If you folks are interested, search on google and check them out.
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