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james_the_composer at 8:54AM, Nov. 23, 2007
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Now for the creation of the forum here on Drunkduck. A short description;;

I have been working on this project for more than a year and a half, now. It started as wanting to create my own anime being inspired by the artwork in so many. Me and my friend online would chat about creating our own. Now since he is in Pittsburgh Art Institute and has no time whatsoever, I basically took over the project.

As I've only been drawing for a year and a half (for anatomy of characters I use 3d models as a reference x_x) you'll find mistakes all around; but I have tried my hardest to create the absolute best visual quality that my hands could muster.

I should post here, as well, one of the main parts of Takuto: The Soundtrack; as I consider myself a musical composer

The reason the series isn't inked is that it would take way too long. I have a page rate of 1/day and I want to eventually bring it up to 2/day. The truth is … ;-/ … it's tough when you want to write a shounen story like Naruto or Bleach which have the length of more than 20 volumes (4000+ pages). Not to mention the fact that they PACK lots of dialogue into each cel and page so that they can get more story into each Volume.

Well, my plan for Takuto is about 3000(4ppd)-6000(8ppd) pages in 2 years; so I hope you enjoy. :-)
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