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Sparrow Knight at 3:57AM, Feb. 1, 2008
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To any loyal readers who may yet remain with us, staring hopefully at the horizon for any sign or speck of life: Sorry it's been so freaking long with no word from either of us!

Regina and I have both been busy, as it turns out; she with settling in Costa Rica and trying to get her new life in order, and I with graduating and seeking out gainful and cash-filled employment. Currently, our intrepid artist has only just today regained Internet access; unfortunately, she is in a remote area and only dial-up access is currently available. This means that so far we're not sure yet when updates will again resume with any kind of regularity; we ask only that you stick with us, if yer still interested in seeing where our lil' story is gonna lead.

I feel I owe an apology ‘specially to Verna, as she’s been the most vocal of our fans. SORRY, VERNA! I weep. Well, ok, mabye not weeping; still feel a little guilty, though. Or hungry. Can't tell which. Likely both. Mmmmm, chocolate…

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