No updates in ten days!? Oh to teh noes!
KoE at 4:55PM, Dec. 28, 2007
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EBW has been the very last thing on my mind of late. Actually, it's routinely brought back to the forefront by REDDAP and Zephyr, who are also probably the only ones who'll ever read this.

So, basically, the whole projects on hiatus. I've actually got a difficult courseload this coming semester, not to mention some other projects and leisure activities I'd rather pay more attention to.

In the event EBW does come back, it will probably be in the shorter-strip filler format with all semblance of plot torn off. I'm a very wordy person, and I routinely struggle to condense ideas in to speech bubbles and relay them as I intended. I usually get frustrated and the meaning becomes distorted from what I'd originally intended.

But enough blather. Just consider this the death-knell of a slightly over ambitious project undertaken at a bad time.
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