Character Profiles *with pics*
tea_green at 9:58PM, Jan. 30, 2008
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Amy Roberts
Natrually responsible, Amy has the misfortune of being the only person in LOVEMAGIC LTD. with any sort of work ethic. On top of that, the poor girl has bad luck in her lovelife as well. Hence why she's almost always irate.

Anita Rodriguez
A spoiled and popular senior at Brookton International Prep School, she tends to argue with everyone and everything. Ever the diva, she aways has to have things her way or no way at all.

Kai Daily
A sweet guy who is attached to the meanest girl in school, Kai is terribly naieve. Even the most common innuendoes fly over his head. Socially awkward but sweet, he's a mismatch to his hot-tempered girlfriend.

Rena Lopez
Rena is the promiscuous and apathetic co-founder of LOVEMAGIC. She and Tracy met at college and still remain friends. Rena hardly works at LM, dissapearing for days at a time. How she lost her eye is yet to be revealed…

Tracy Love
Pretty much the woman in charge, Tracy is forgetful and easily distracted. Miraculously she shows up for work daily but tends to forget that she works there. She's always squinting because she's very sensitive to light. She also tends to start every sentence with “you know what…” like a character from the comic Le Farce.

***Stay tuned for Part II***
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kyhollerrat at 9:17PM, Feb. 2, 2008
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aaawwww i love the character profiles. soo cool. glad to know you doing alrite. would love to hear from ya.
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5ir 1337 at 10:28PM, Feb. 2, 2008
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Awesome, glad to finally associate names with the characters.

And on a different note, I LOVE your avatar, tea. So kawaii. ^_^
Yeah, I'm a girl. Just because I have “5ir” in my name doesn't mean I'm a guy!
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phrazer at 4:32PM, Feb. 10, 2008
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Amy or Tracey are my favs, cannot decide
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