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Taimanin Asagi
tea_green at 6:30AM, Jan. 25, 2008
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Ninja hentai has two staples to it. Ninjas (obviously) and tentacles. I really don't understand Japan's obession with squid but here we go.

T.A. is the story of a ninja girl named Asagi and how her life got flipped-turned-upside-down when a long dead aversary by the name of Oboro returns to wreck shit. Apparantly, the clan had killed Oboro a long time ago but she made a deal with monsters to keep living as a horrible bitch creature…also as a monster. After raping her fiancee, Oboro takes Asagi to a magical world where her whole body is tramuted into a vagina according to the subtitles. She is then prompltly gang-raped by orcs (try pulling that one off, Warcraft!). Then she's put into a tournament and loses (some ninja) and is punished by being impaled on a giant dildo. Now, I've runiated the plot for you but noone watches these things for plot really.

The “action” is animated much faster than average hentai fare. The animation is sleek and the girl's all look different in face and body type. Plus, you get pretty nice shots from the inside and whatnot. This is one worth checking out but just to warn you, it hasn't been liscened in the states so there's no uncensored version yet.

Still, ninjas are rather easy to rape, aren't they…
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