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La Blue Girl
tea_green at 6:16AM, Jan. 17, 2008
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I start you off with a prime example of classic hentai. Just about everyone knows about La Blue Girl and her fondness for cephalopods. It no secret. So I'm just gonna break it down anyway.

We start with our protagonist, a voluptuos teenager named Miko Mido. She's a nice girl with a fondness for her sister's silk panties and has a tendency to forget her underwear. She also likes to swing to school, Spiderman-style with a grappling hook, giving crotch shots to the principal of the all girls school.

So right of the bat, we're introduced to her grandmother. She's a seasoned ninja/whore and she gets killed in about three minutes. Miko is told that she's now in charge of the rather pathetic clan and now she must carry out some sort of mission against demons and such.

The demons like to rape human girls. Honestly, I thought demons would rape everything, dogs, cats, men, acrobats, no one was safe. All the same, this world of extremely heterosexual demons tries to break through and rape all the voluptuous teenagers of the world for some reason.

Then there's the other members of the clan. Yura, a girl who turns into a werewolf if she isn't adequatly pleased and Fubuki, the only girl with normal size breasts and a total ninja fan-tard. Her sister, Maki, is a struggling actress/rape-target and her mother Maria is the queen of the demon world with a hypnotic vagina. Her father is the king of the demons and Nin-nin is the pathetic comic relief.

In order to get to and from the demon world, Miko must masturbate. Apparatly, the key to interdimentional travel involves jacking off. Her nearly invisible pubic hair is used as projectiles, and she can grow a penis. She also has blue blood from being half demon, hence the name…well, it doesn't excuse the odd mix of French and English but this is hentai, there's really no need to freak out about grammer…unless you're a eunuch or something.

Anyways, I reccomend La Blue Girl for a good laugh. It's funny, but I'm pretty sure it tries not to be. Fails though.
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