"Never Trust The Wizard" - has now begun!
alibaba at 8:21AM, Feb. 15, 2008
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After about a week of coding i have finally created a working page layout, including homepage. Well, its not quite perfect yet… but i'll fix the rest over time.

Anyway, the first pages will go online today!!

Updates will be every weekend!
(today is the only exception… but its almost weekend anyway XD !)

Btw, if you are now wondering “Never Trust The Wizard? Whats with that title??”
Well, don't let it bug you. You'll understand when you read on (sooner or later)!

Oh, before i forget it: NTW is rated M for Mature.
It contains blood, gore and violence, as well as self mutilation, bad words and some disturbing imagery. (well, nothing that can't be seen on daily television XD)
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SkylerVane at 5:44AM, Feb. 16, 2008
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I don't wonder at titles beyond normality. Unusual titles are what interest me. The longer the better. Series, sub-series, title and subtitle. The title is the first hook, with a good by-line, then intro/synopsis and lastly the first chapter. I generally start from a title and work from there. The title is the most important thing, to my point of view, as to arrousing the interest of viewers. The material and presentation style may be the clincer and the title may be the cherry at the ending for the creator, but for many potential readers, the title is the beginning.

Shutting up.

Collaborn Visions Fan Fiction Productions :~: BY the Fans, FOR the Fans…

It is easier to think outside the box if you don't even know you're in it.

Are you “On Demand”? Please plague responsibly…
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