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The Basics
Sixth Dementia at 7:46PM, March 19, 2008
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For the curious or terminally bored:

Sex with Apricots, as you can no doubt tell, is a very simple comic. Some would argue that the simple things in life are the most enjoyable- kinda like everyone loves a really stupid dog- but that is not my place to say, gentle(or heinously brutal) readers.

This comic owes its genesis to the simple fact that I became aware of my friend Kalos' MS Paint abilities(which is how the comic has been illustrated so far, which is fine with me, as I actually think it suits – but he's hinted that he may have something else up his sleeve. Also, he is now angry at me for saying that, as he'll feel pressured to step it up.). The man is good with a mouse and a clunky pixelated paintbrush. Truly, he is the Bob Ross of outdated computer applications.

Anyway, myself being a neurotic loser who is perpetually pissed off for no good goddamned reason at all, the mission was clear: We had to channel all of my cynicism, anger, bullheaded opinionism(oh, I make up words, too), and sometimes flat-out hatred for the sake of hatred, into a disjointed and somewhat confusing webcomic.

So, the process is equally as simple. Now, granted, I can only speak generally (read: I just assume shit) about the artistic side of things. You'll have to get that from Kalos.

Basically, I just wake up every morning and live my life. Whenever something pisses me off, I send Kalos a quick note with, honestly, nothing but dialogue and maybe a quick (one or two lines) description of what is happening, if it's important to the strip. Other than that, I just let him do pretty much whatever the hell he feels like with it.

Some may say that I'm just really lazy, and hanging my buddy out to dry on the art, but I say nuh-uh. I give him the privilege of working hard, all alone, with no clear directive. Otherwise, how will he ever learn. He'll probably have to get a real job at some point, and I want him to be prepared.

Just lookin' out, bro.

Anyway, I've gone on far longer, and more dully, than necessary/intended, so I think I'll end this post abruptly now.
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Kalos at 10:45PM, March 19, 2008
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I have a real job. Well, at least I will in a week or so.

I have the promise of a real job.

Anyway, yeah, I love MS Paint. I'm not sure I will switch it up, though I have some ideas for bonus strips for holidays/not-so-lazy days/whenever the fuck I feel like it. I'm pretty much just winging it. We'll see what happens.
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Sixth Dementia at 8:42AM, March 20, 2008
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For the last f'ing time: hemp weaving isn't a real job.

And cut your hair.

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