Catherine Slugo
Warpedwenger at 6:37PM, May 1, 2009
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Height 5'6"
Weight 117 lb
Age: Deceased
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Light Purple
Magical Alignment: Purple/Geo
Weapon: Bladerang- A magical boomerang that locks onto its target… Once it has penetrated said target it pours warp inside before returning to its master. Seconds later a powerful explosion attacks the afflicted area.

Personality: Jealous, Eager, Faithful, Inferiority Complex, Hard Worker

Bio: Beloved Wife of Thomas Slugo. The two grew up together in a small fishing village on the coast of the Hederian continent. Catherine was unable to join Thomas on his last mission the infamous Cosmic Womb on the account of her pregnancy with their son, Zachary. Heartbroken when he never returned she never lost faith that someday her husband would keep his promise and come back to her. On her death bed her faith was rewarded. Thomas entered the room just in time to witness her final moments.

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