Goddess of Winds Sylphie
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Height 5'3"
Weight 98 lb
Age: Immortal
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black
Magical Alignment: Blue/Water
Weapon: Kamikaze- Oddly Sylphie's weapon is a very ordinary samurai sword. The only special quality it seems to have is the ability to be attached to her spirit as she carries it in the living realm as well as in the Elysium Sea.

Personality: Angsty,dependable,monotone,demanding,strong willed,quiet

Bio: It's said that 50,000 years ago Caliginus was void and ruled by demons. Then out of the Cosmic Womb Marduk appeared. He had an epic battle with Lord of Demoms Cozmos and in their wake the planet's terrain was carved. As the battle raged Marduk spawned creatures in his image to combat the demons controlled by his enemy. Once Cozmos was subdued Marduk disappeared leaving his creations to fend for themselves. They became Caliginus' pantheon of gods and of course Sylphie was among them.

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