Yoshi/Sphinx Chaimek
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Height 3'5"
Weight 58 lb
Hair Color: Black

Height 7'2"
Weight 375 lb
Hair Color: White
Age: Immortal
Eye Color: Black
Magical Alignment: Black/Darkness
Weapon: Eternity- An unbreakable bladed staff that seems to have a mind of its own. It floats about the battlefield as if possessed attacking independently of it's master.

Personality: Bitter,selfish,moody,lonely,proud,intelligent

Bio: When Demon Lord Cozmos gave the order for the sphinx genocide Chaimek escaped to the human world with his best friend Dragon Snowy.

After many years of hiding and barely surviving the duo accepted Thomas Slugo as their human master unknowing exactly what they were getting into…

When Slugo died at the Cosmic Womb Chaimek blamed Sylphie and set out on a quest to find the means to kill her. In his travels Chaimek committed several atrocities. When Syphie learned of what he had been doing she decided to punish him. Trapping him in the harmless cat body he now resides in.

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