Dragoon Knight Aldrake
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Height 6'6“
Weight 380 lb
Age: 34
Eye Color: ?
Hair Color: Brown
Magical Alignment: Black/Darkness
Weapon: Dragon's Eye- A gigantic maul crafted by Xerloc. It's a powerful conducter of magical energy that increases the strength of offensive spell casting by 25%.

Personality: Competitive,chauvinistic,loyal,hot-headed,uncouth,aggressive

Bio: Born Aldrake Razvaulon in the small town of Na'er Floria, the famous knight was almost killed at the very moment of his birth! In many rural villages it is customary to dispatch any infant born with the dreaded darkness magical alignment. How he survived is somewhat of a mystery as is his childhood. Aldrake appeared on the battlefield as mercenary at the age of 19 he quickly earned a reputation as an ”invincible warrior". Later he was rumored to having an affair with Queen Josilyn. Aldrake is known to being a womanizer… It has also been reported that he has been accompanied by an enchanted cat that can actually speak! Perhaps a testament to his dark powers?

Currently Aldrake works as magical offense officer aboard the Desert Sunrise.

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