Sphinx Lilith
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Height 6'0"
Weight 159 lb
Age: Immortal
Eye Color: Green(Red in Feral Mode)
Hair Color: Orange(Yellow fur on paws,ears, and tail)
Magical Alignment: Yellow/Psycic
Weapon: Eternity- An unbreakable bladed staff that seems to have a mind of its own. It floats about the battlefield as if possessed attacking independently of it's master. (Lilith only commands it while Chaimek isn't around.)

Personality: Ditzy,fun-loving,selfish,oblivious,tells lies,very strong physically and emotionally

Bio: Sphinx Chaimek was the last of his race but his greatest desire was to find a mate. In exchange for his service Goddess of Winds Sylphie told him where he could find a living egg.

Of course Lilith was born from that egg. Chaimek ,who had already been driven mad by the death of his master Thomas Slugo, saw Lilith as a final slap in the face from the Gods, whom he hated. To him she was much to small to be a proper sphinx and so was discarded. She came under the care of Dragon Snowy who later went on to serve the March family. Lilith has no real goals or desires of her own. She is happy to be by the side of her best friend Adrian March.

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