Thomas Slugo
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Height: 5'5"
Weight: 165 lb
Age: 26(not counting 80 years of being dead…)
Eye Color: Purple
Hair Color: Purple
Magical Alignment: Purple/Geo
Weapon: Big Slug- A 500 pound chunk of metal. Slugo usually bludgeons his enemies with it, but when he focuses his warp into the handles, it gives off blast of dark matter that tears its target apart on the molecular level.

Personality: Kind,naive,selfless,competitive,loyal,unrelenting

Bio: Born in a small fishing village on the west coast of the Hederian continent Slugo lead a life of ease until the day he was recruited by his gods to fight on thier behalf.

He fought reluctantly until his death at the famous battle at The Cosmic Womb. However… eighty years later the strange power of that place had somehow returned him to the living realm as well as his nemesis the Interloper Sydney Black. Since then he has joined the crew of the airship Desert Sunrise and continues to fight against Sydney and any other evil threating the planet Caliginus.

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