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Stories By Cole #3: Steven (part 1....?)
JasonBoer at 2:59PM, Oct. 6, 2008
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“So last night some guy called me and he was all ‘Hey Cole, it’s Steven, do you want to walk with me to school tomorrow?' so I was like ‘Oooookaaaaaaaaaaay…’ because I have never heard of him or met him in my life, and neither had anybody in my family. So the next morning I was walking to school with Dustin and some big guy starts running at me and I'm like ‘Heh, what a fag.’ And the guy comes up with me and says ‘Hey Cole!’ and I was like ‘Oh God…’. So I'm walking with this big adult guy who doesn't even live near the school and he's incessantly talking about pepperoni, and I'm like ‘pepperoni is a weird word’ and he starts trying to tell me what's in pepperoni, and I'm telling him that I don't want to know…so that was my Monday morning. He called again this morning and I told him I was sick…I hope he died.”
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