News for the week of June 19th~!
Kojika at 2:37PM, June 19, 2011
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Weee, how many weeks without newsposts again, lol? At least the pages have been up to date! I am officially out of pages I had done ahead of time though, which means for a while at least, I'll be working on them weekly again. I'll try to get a couple done ahead of time from now on, especially when cons are involved. I've got quite a gap before my next con though, so I can take it easy for the time being..XD

So, in Zos Kias news~! It's official 5th year anniversary will be July 10th of this year! So with that, I'm holding a small Trivia contest to celebrate X3 You can get all the details on DeviantArt! If you get 80% or higher, send me your results and you'll be entered into a drawing for some great prizes~!

That's basically it for now though, gonna get back to work on more pages. See ya next time!
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