News for the week of April 10th!
Kojika at 4:38PM, April 11, 2011
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Sorry for the delay of uploading pages! CG (ZK's main host) was still on schedule, but both DD and SJ got pushed aside, while waiting for DD to resolve some issues. Now though, I have all the pages that finish chapter 25, so up until mid June, the pages will be going up on their own, lol XD

Volume 5 is officially out! The next con I'll be at is AnimeBoston, in booth 98ab, come look for me (I have a banner now! Says ‘Sanzaki Kojika“ on it pretty big, hee hee). You can order it through my Lulu store. You can get the link from ZK’s main site, or my DA page.

The contest ends at the end of April, so don't forget to get your entry done! Reminder, the theme was ”favorite character," so it's a pretty wide theme. Prizes can include a copy of Zos Kias volume 5, and more!

April's auction for Lily ends at the end of this month, too (no surprise there XD ). Get your bid in now, for a chance at some art!

That's it, see ya next week!
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