News for the week of February 13th~!
Kojika at 9:21AM, Feb. 17, 2011
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Wee, look how late into the week I'm making the news post XD for the next several months, the pages will be going through all on their own, since I've got them done ahead of time, haha. I need to have up to end of chapter 25 done though in time for AnimeBoston in April~ I should be done with all the pages by the end of February though, which will be great, just in time for preorders to open in March~!

But yeah, pages will be going through on their own for a while. I'll try to remember to keep the news up, haha XD

Don't forget that with the end of April comes the end of the current Zos Kias contest “favorite character!” You can have a chance to win yourself a copy of volume 5!

See ya next week!
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