News for the week of November 7th~!
Kojika at 2:40PM, Nov. 7, 2010
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Hahah, yeah, I know. The pages went through while I was at YoumaCon, but I didn't bother to put through a news post. I think ya'll can live a week without one though, lol. Now I'm doing one, not that there's a big amount to talk about.

First off, I just wanna thank ya'll for the support yat YoumaCon! I hope everyone that picked up Zos Kias will let me know what they think and stay in touch! My next con is BishieCon! As of right now, I don't have an Artist Alley table, but if you want to place an order with me, you may and I'll bring it to the con and we can arrange pickup and all that.

This week sees the start of chapter 23, which means a new storyline! Where it will go from here, no body knows! (actually, the chapter title page that will be page 3 I beleive, will probably give that away, lol). For now, ya just get a little transitioning~ I'm glad to be done with the Storm storyline though. I mean, I did have fun writing it all out, but after realizing how long I was working on it…*shakes head* I suppose that's the drawback to doing 2 pages a week, lol. I have up to like chapter 50 something planned out, and we'll probably be seeing the end of chapter 25 sometime summer next year (since that will complete volume 5 which will be out for ACen, so early again).

Well, that's all for today. Next weekend my Saturday's eaten up, fufufu, but I'm not complaining ^.- gotta get back to work on commissions from YoumaCOn now. Ciao~
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