News for the week of August 8th~!
Kojika at 8:56AM, Aug. 11, 2010
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Well, finally getting things in order, after all those cons. Still got MatsuriCon this coming weekend left to go! Stop by and say hi if you're gonna be there X3 I'd like to give a biiig shoutout to everyone at NMA Con! You guys surprised me and well, I actually made enough to cover my expenses, and to be able to afford McDonald's on the way back, lol! I really appreciate all your support~! Thanks to those who bought Zos Kias, too! Hope you enjoy it ^^

Hopefully the updates won't be as delayed this coming week as they were this week, but since I've got another con, and too much to do before the start of it, the pages will be drawn at the con, and thus, not even colored til Monday at earliest ^^; it's my last day of the summer Manga class Monday, too. I'll miss it, but at least I get to teach another one come fall!

Well, that's it for updates. See ya next week! and maybe I can finally get sleep next week, too? haha!
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