News for the week of July 4th~!
Kojika at 1:36PM, July 5, 2010
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Happy holidays, both Americans and Canadians, and whoever else has a holiday this past weekend or coming week~! Hope everyone celebrated their holidays safely (we barely managed). A friend of mine accidentally put a firework in upside down and it exploded on the ground. It was pretty funny, actually…XD

Anyways, don't think there's much news related to Zos Kias news. The contest is still going on til the end of August, so be sure to get your entries in. I've already heard a bit from people about what their potential entries are going to be, so I'm looking forward to seeing the finished results ^^

My con schedule coming up is now solidified, and it looks something like this…Garasu no Shi (Glass City) Con in Toledo, OH, July 17-18; Otakon in Baltimore, MD, July 30th-August 1st; NMA Con in Traverse City, MI, August 7-8; and finally MatsuriCon in Columbus, OH, August 13th-15th. No cons planned til YoumaCon after that, lol. I'll have Artist Alley tables at all of those, as well as copies of Zos Kias with me, volumes 1-4. Not sure when it will be in my hands, but my novel finally got picked up by a publisher, so it will be with me at some of those cons, heehee (taking preorders right now, but they end this week. If you're interested, check out my DA account). Well, that's it~!
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