News for the week of June 13th~!
Kojika at 10:29AM, June 13, 2010
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Almost out of already prepared pages…guess I'll hafta start getting to work, lol. Once this chapter ends, I'm out of pages XD But, that will also put us into the start of volume 5~! Only a couple more chapters left in this storyline, then we move onto the next one~! That means I can draw other characters again, haha XD

Don't forget to go and vote for your favorite character on ZK's main site~! The poll does have some effect to the way things are handled later on. Plus, it just gives your character love XD

Well, that's all the updates for now~! I plan on pulling Kappa to Ieba from here soon, too, since it's getting revised and going to be handled differently, so if you want a chance to read that one before, get to it~! XD Until next week!
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