News for the week of April 25th~!
Kojika at 10:35AM, April 25, 2010
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Time for another newspost~! Well, things are finishing up with volume 4…so if you have anything you wanted to submit for it, be sure to get it to me by the 28th! My intention is to have it all sent off for printing by the 29th. It will be tight, but it should be in just in time for ACen <3 I won't have a lot of volumes on hand, so if you want one, be sure to put down for a preorder of it. I'll restock for AZ though, if I run out of what I have at ACen, lol.

It feels really strange, having the pages done so early..XD but to get everything ready for volume 4, I have a lot more pages than are even released already done. On the plus side for you guys, if you buy volume 4, you get to see several pages early. Also, there shouldn't be any delays on updates due to the next couple cons I've got coming up, lol.

Well, that's pretty much it. See ya next week! (If I survive til then..XD )
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