News for the week of April 18th~!
Kojika at 2:39PM, April 18, 2010
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Pages done for this week~! From this point on, I'll be making a looot of pages, so I shouldn't fall behind anytime soon, lol. In case ya hadn't noticed…vol 4 needs chapter 20 and that won't actually finish with the online updates until several weeks after it's release, thus that means if you buy it, you'll get to see the end of the chapter ahead of time, fufufu~!

Also, in regards to volume 4…I've opened up submissions for fanart~! So, if you wanna send something in, you have until April 28th. The theme doesn't matter, and it can be old or new. Just has to be Zos Kias related. Just get them sent to me by the aforementioned date, so I have time to get the fanart gallery up before I go to printing.

Well, that's it! Gonna get back to work, enjoy the pages and see ya next week!
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