News for the week of March 7th~!
Kojika at 11:02PM, March 7, 2010
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Koji has a new job~! Er, well, it's back at that publication place I did contract work for last fall…but, hey, it's not my cashier position, and it doesn't hurt me as much~! I'm looking forward to the change of pace (even if I don't exactly wanna go back there either, hahah. Still it's better than what I have now ^^; )

Buu…I can't wait until we get out of the current stuff in Zos Kias…I know, that's horrible for the creator to say, but it's true! Though, moreso, I just mean the couple next weeks, and the ones since Ryoma got out of it, have been boring for me, just a bit. But, don't worry, some excitement lies ahead, fufufu~ Fights just seem so boring done two pages at a time ^^;

Anyways, that's it for the week~! See ya next week!
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