News for the week of January 24th~!
Kojika at 11:13AM, Jan. 25, 2010
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Well, the site freeze is over, therefore, I have the updates up now~! I actually got the newspost even up at SJ before this site this week…it was sooo odd, lmao XD I like DD better, hee hee (but ZK needs all the love it can get? It gets the most views on DD, go figure, even more than its main site).

The contest is set to end the end of January, so hurry up with those entries~! If you think you're gonna need an extension, or anything, make sure to contact me BEFORE the deadline! If I get enough people asking for an extension, I'll actually “extend” it, but otherwise, I'll just give some people private extensions for like a week or so. (but sheesh, you guys have had all this time and still…? >.> ) Don't forget, there are some big prizes ^^

Well, with that, see ya next week~!
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