News for the week of December 20th~!
Kojika at 12:51PM, Dec. 21, 2009
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Pages up as scheduled, but once again a bit late cause of DD's down time. Also, the holidays are upon us, aieee! Christmas is this week already!? When did that happen!? Pages for next week probably will be usual update, but they have me working all week, so we'll see lol.

Don't forget the contest! It closes at the end of December, so only a couple weeks left! Get your entries in ASAP for the awesome prizes we have offered this time around~!

Totally random news, but Zos Kias volume 1 is now available for sale in a store~! The owner of Otaku Place in NW Indiana is selling copies for me now, yay~! Of course, AniGames is already selling some of them in their shop in Ohio (I think it's Cicinati?) and at cons, so you guys have more chances to get yourself a copy! Volume 2 and 3 are still only available for sale through me and Lulu.com, either online or at conventions, but that may change. And, vol 4 should be joining the ranks at either ACen or Animazement in May (depending on when it gets done and when it gets shipped, lol). That's all the updates on that for now though <3

And with that, I'll catch ya next time! Happy holidays~!
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