News for the week of September 20th~!
Kojika at 6:01PM, Sept. 20, 2009
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Well, got the pages done on Sunday again, lol, despite the late start I got to them. We are finally getting into Light's background, and next week…the betrayer will be revealed~! (Although, it's pretty obvious already, lol).

The contest closes in 10 days, so don't forget to get your entry done if you want to enter! I will give an extension if enough people ask for it, and I will also be willing to give some people a couple extra days after the deadline, but only if they talk to me first (if there aren't enough asking for an extension). I look forward to seeing your entries! And remember…the more entries, the better the prizes ^.-

And with that, this wraps up another week! I'll see ya'll next time~!
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