News for the week of August 16th~!
Kojika at 7:54PM, Aug. 17, 2009
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Well, I was seeing off a friend this weekend (she's leaving for South Korea tomorrow ;_; ), so my updates had a late start, but I'm back up to date with them already, lol. I'm gonna miss Ayacchin…! She is the one the character ‘Traci’ is based off of, lol. She helped Ryoma carry Hester's body off at the beginning of chapter 15? or so. So, she hasn't had much of a part yet, but that's who it is. I'm gonna miss her!

Volume 3 is going to be sent in by Wednesday so I can get some copies in time for MatsuriCon. Be sure to come and snag a first hand copy if you're there~! I'll have volumes 1 and 2 with me, too, of course, lol. Thanks to everyone who submitted fanart for it <3

Next week will see the end of chapter 16, fuu! And, finally, the conclusion to the battle of Light vs Skye! Hopefully you've enjoyed it. Don't worry, Light's story arc isn't over yet ^.-

That's it for the week. See ya next time!
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