News for the week of August 2nd~!
Kojika at 7:13PM, Aug. 3, 2009
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Well, I spent most of this past week in bed with the flu (ugh), but I'm back now and getting my energy and appetite back (I ate more today than I did in the past five days, lmao). And then starting the week off with jury duty delayed me finishing this page til later. I got excused though, woo hoo! And, I came home to move some more furniture around, lol. But, I got time to sit back and finish it up, so here it is~!

The contest is still going on, and like usual, off to a rather weak start ^^; but I'm crossing my fingers since there is still so much time left. I'm trying to get things ready to go for volume 3 of Zos Kias, too, so it can debut the end of August. I'll letcha know about that soon.

And that's it, ciao~!
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