News for the week of June 14th~!
Kojika at 7:57PM, June 14, 2009
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Yay, I'm so proud of myself! Both pages are done on Sunday. Haven't done that in a while. And what's worse, is that though I didn't finish the second one til like 9 at night, they would have been done much sooner if I hadn't decided to go and beat Phoenix Wright. But, that game's finally outta the way, so back to focusing? Yeah right Xd I've got other games I need to beat, lmao!

But, anyways, this week saw the end of chapter 15 and the beginning of chapter 16. Since it was just a chapter title page, nothing really exciting. With all these chapters done though, it's enough to make volume 3! Expect to see it out by the end of the summer, but it still be some time away. For those of you who bought volume 2, you know why ^.-

I've got some major pain in my right arm and shoulder, and some minor in my left…I wonder what I did? O.O Ayacchin jokingly asked me if I stayed up all night drawing…and though I did, it was hurting before that (I'm sure that didn't help lol). Well, I figure when I go to Physical Therapy tomorrow I'll mention it to her and see what happens. I must have overdone it at the Grad party. Not sure what I did though…hm…

Anyways, that's it for this week. See ya next week~!
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